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 Olé Tours Hawaii is a land services company, panoramic and thematic tours, transfers to hotels, airports and ports, helicopter tours in boats and a huge variety of activities. We are also a wholesaler of accommodations, hotels of all categories and in all the islands. We also offer among other products car rental, sale of air tickets between islands and special services for events, incentives, groups and private services.

 Based in Honolulu we offer all land and reservations in English services. Our bilingual staff will allow to you. Communicate with absolute assurance of understanding, and advise and assist passengers who are not fluent in English. Our guides and experienced staff bring years serving in the tourism industry in the Hawaiian Islands, so we ensure a professional and efficient service to our users. We have a modern fleet of vehicles in which we transport our passengers with all govierno required by the Hawaii State licensed and insured.

 Here we present our licenses which are a requirement for all tour operators in the state of Hawaii. They ensure our existence in this market and compliance with all insurance and regulations necessary to provide services for the traveler.

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